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So I sent the link to this to patrons a few days ago but here is the Big Thing I’ve been working on lately-- a simple adopt site using riftclaws as the subject.

Right now it’s a little barebones! bc I’m working on learning php in order to make things from scratch. At the moment it functions more like a static adoptables page (with random outcomes-- 3 per egg), but I’m working behind the scenes on the account system, which is functional for registration/login and I’m working on making profiles viewable/attaching the adoptables to them. Once I have that functional it’ll change a bit in form! I can’t make a promise on the exact date when that’ll be implemented since I’m working very hard to get the security up to standards before I start allowing sign-ups.

In the meantime, save your egg codes, bc I’ll find a way to add them to accounts once they’re live.

The current eggs are actually the July eggs-- as of right now, adopting them will let you adopt them at hatchling stage. I’ll be putting out some eggs for August soon, and the July ones will go away shortly before they’re due to mature.


Testing... We're live and functional, but there's still some things being sorted out on the backend. If you found your way here before I linked it anywhere... Shh!