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Hi! My name is Blake. :) Voidfra.me is a small personal project I've been picking at for at least a year in various formats; while originally I planned on using a free codebase to build the site I wanted to make, I got really frustrated with my inability to edit it to my liking, and I've decided to start from scratch with something extremely basic and work up from there.

What's next for Voidfra.me?

I have several things I'd like to add to Voidfra.me in the future (as I improve my skills with php and other coding languages). This includes:

For the meantime, you can at least rely on having new weird lizards to look at every month or so. I've made a number of patterns and hundreds of palettes just to start, and I'm sure I'll add to these in time. One of my favourite things to do is make original species and then make a ridiculous number of colourways for them!